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Websites for Estate Agents.

For small and medium-sized real estate agents, a well-designed, user-friendly website is indispensable. Such a website serves the dual purpose of attracting new customers and assisting existing ones.

We take pleasure in creating visually appealing websites that are customized to your preferences and requirements.

Our focus lies not only in ensuring user-friendliness and compatibility across all devices but also in making it a profitable asset for your business!

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Template Websites

For estate agents who would like to be online within days rather than weeks or who have a modest budget, we offer the option of choosing a template website. These are websites created on WordPress that we modify to fit your corporate identity.

The design options may be slightly less than with a custom-designed website, but the costs are considerably lower!  To see our current range of  real estate web templates click here.

Take a look at projects we have delivered for our customers.

You can have your new real estate website for as little as €695. (Prices are exclusive of IVA and web hosting).

Managed wordpress hosting

Custom Websites

Custom-designed real estate websites are built from the ground up, which means that you have a lot more influence on the final result. You will receive a unique website that is tailored to the requirements and wishes of your target group.

In addition, a custom website also offers more flexibility compared to a template and certain functionalities can be integrated into your current business processes.

Developing a custom website also involves a bit of strategy. Prior to the process, we map out what the website will look like, which functionalities will be developed and how the user experience can be optimized.

Prices typically start at €1,500.

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