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1. What is a Multi Listing Service (MLS)?

A Multi Listing Service (MLS) is a database-driven platform used by cooperating real estate agents to provide data about properties for sale or for rent. Both the listing and selling estate agent benefit by consolidating and sharing information about properties, and by sharing commissions.

So for example, if homeowners want to sell their property Spain they could simply pop into a real estate agent that is part of an MLS system and list their property through them. This means that all participating agents on the same Multi Listing Network will have access to the property details and are able to sell the property via the original listing agent and share commission. The reason why MLS Networks are so popular in Spain is that commissions on the property price vary between 4 and 10%, The advantage to the homeowners is that it gives their property sale a higher exposure.

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2. Top 5 Multi Listing Services Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol has over 3,500 estate Agents and the vast majority are connected to a MLS organisation.